Zambia AAA/AA Mafinga Hills RFA - Kateshi, Ngoli & Luombe Estate
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descriptive cup notes: "Green apple, green tea, lime, melon” I roast this to a medium roast. 12 ounce bags. "The Mafinga Hills in Zambia’s Northern Province are home to the country’s highest peaks. As the slopes descend into foothills you'll find the Olam owned estates of Kateshi, Ngoli, and Luombe, which together produce our RFA coffees for our Mafinga Hills brand. Coffees from all three estates are milled at the Kateshi mill and blended to create this unique coffee from the home of smoke that thunders. Long before Dr. Livingston arrived to name Victoria Falls after the queen, the people who had lived around this wonder of the natural world for generations had already named it more appropriately, “the smoke that thunders.” The falls thunder into the Zambesi River, which flows east toward Mozambique. But before the river crosses the border, take a left and head north up the Luangwa River. You’ll move through land rich in biodiversity, including the world’s largest concentration of hippos. As the river meanders and the altitude rises you will eventually arrive at the source of the Luangwa, 1500 meters up the Mafinga plateau, which is also, as it happens, the source of the source of Olam grown estate coffees. " from Olam specialty coffee ORIGIN: Zambia REGION: Northern Province SUBREGION: Mafinga Hills PRODUCER: Kateshi, Ngoli & Luombe Estates PROCESSING: Washed WET MILL: Kateshi DRY MILL: Kateshi COFFEE GRADE: AAA/AA GROWING ALTITUDE: 1300-1500m OLAM BRANDS: Zambia Mafinga Hills CERTIFICATIONS: Rainforest Alliance
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Zambia AAA/AA Mafinga Hills RFA - Kateshi, Ngoli & Luombe Estate

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