12 oz. Mexican Oaxaca Fair Trade Organic, Medium Roast
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Descriptive Cup Notes Chocolate, almond, lime. ABOUT THE BEAN This is an SHG EP grade Fairtrade and Organically certified coffee from the Comuneros Ayuk Cooperative in Oaxaca Mexico. The Comuneros Ayuk por la Agricultura Sostenible has 427 members and cultivates over 1,000 hectares of land. Growing altitude ranges from 1,400 to 1,900 and varieties grown include Bourbon, Typica, and Criollo. ORIGIN: Mexico REGION: Oaxaca SUBREGION: Santiago Zacatapec Mixes PRODUCER: Comuneros Ayuk Cooperative PRODUCER TYPE: Cooperative PROCESSING: Washed PROCESSING DESCRIPTION: Fermented in drums and dried on patio or tarp. DRY MILL: UNTAO COFFEE GRADE: SHG EP GROWING ALTITUDE: 1400-1900m VARIETY: Bourbon, Criolla, Typica CERTIFICATIONS: Fair Trade, Organic, Fair Trade Organic
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12 oz. Mexican Oaxaca Fair Trade Organic, Medium Roast

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